16^ Half Marathon della Concordia Città di Agrigento


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to our website and to our town: Agrigento .

The road race,  “the 16th Concordia ‘Half Marathon’ race of the town of  Agrigento” will be held on March 3nd 2019 in our beautiful town.  

 The race is 21.097 kms long and   is inserted in the calendar of the  sports events in Sicily and is  valid for the regional championship “Individual Mini-Marathon and company Marathon”

 The race: 

        “Mezza marathon” :  21.097 kms  

 The scene of the race is the magnificent archaeological area of the  Valley of the Temples of Agrigento. The event is promoting  sport, physical health, fitness, and well-being  for all, sport as a life style.

 Our slogan is:  Run…........make your life better.  (running … makes for a better life)

 To take part in the race, get ulterior information or to support the event  please write us at our  e-mail address.

 See you soon



 The Lions Club Agrigento Host and  G.S. Valle dei Templi in cooperation with FIDAL  Agrigento, the ACSI, Agrigento City Council and  the Province of Agrigento are  organizing the “ 16th Mezza Maratona della Concordia Città di Agrigento” road race on Sunday 3nd March 2019  at 09.30 am

 The event will take place,  whatever the weather, start and finish point  at the  Viale Falcone Borsellino San Leone (AG).

 The “Half Marathon” evolves around one run 21,097kilometre track through the town centre and will be repeated three times; no traffic or vehicles will be allowed on the circuit (which is illustrated below) for the entire duration of the race.


 START: Viale Falcone Borsellino (San Leone) 2 Giri dell'anello che da Viale Falcone Borsellino va verso viale Viareggio, viale dei Pini, piazzale Aster, viale Falcone Borsellino; percorsi due giri si va verso viale Emporium, Posto di Ristoro, Via Sacra dal tempio di Ercole al tempio della Concordia sino al tempio di Giunone, giro di boa, via Sacra, Posto di Ristoro, Viale Emporium, viale Viareggio, viale Falcone Borsellino, Piazzale Aster, via Nettuno, viale delle Dune, giro di boa, Viale delle Dune, Via Nettuno, Piazzale Aster, viale Falcone Borsellino ARRIVAL

 The following races will be held at the same time

 Non-resident Athletes  must fill out the health form provided by their own country giving them a clean state of heath and thus permission to take part in sporting activies. 

Attached model medical certificate

REGISTRATION: non-italian resident athletes

Failure to provide your membership card or health form (the health form must be filled in and authenticated by a doctor) will result in exclusion from the race. 

Self certification is not valid for participation.

Non Italian-resident athletes must be 18 or older on the race day. In order to register for the race, these athletes must provide the following documents:

a) Athletes members of foreign Athletics Associationsaffiliated with either IAAF or IPC must upload a scanned copy of their membership card  upon registration, or e-mail it to valledeitempli@tds-live.com. The membership card must be valid on the date of Mezza Maratona della Concordia Città di Agrigento 2019; it must comply with all the rules and regulations on road running enforced in the athlete's country of residence upon registration.

b) In compliance with the Italian law for safety in sports, athletes who do not hold a membership card must send the original organisation health form (EN) to the following address: G.S. Valle dei Templi Agrigento via Plebis Rea, 27 – Agrigento 92100 – Italia . The form  must be filled in, stamped and signed by a doctor according to legislation enforced in the athlete's country. 

It is also possible to send a medical certificate stating fitness for competitive athletics; said certificate must be valid in the athlete's country of residence, filled in, stamped and signed by a doctor, and comply with all the rules and regulations enforced in the athlete's country,. 

In order to speed up the validation procedure, it is possible to upload the scanned copy of the health form or  medical certificate (EN) or e-mail it to, it is compulsory to send the original or provide it by hand to the valledeitempli@tds-live.com upon withdrwal of one's bib.

 The registration form:

The application and registration form  for the “ Half Marathon ”  21,097 kms,  must reach to us no later than 25th Febbraio 2019.

  By post -  please write to: Calamita Antonio, Via Minerva 21/a,  92100 Agrigento;

  Through Internet at our URL:  www.tds-live.com

 By  E-mail:   valledeitempli@tds-live.com

 - Fax at the following number:  (+39) 095 2937008

Infowww.tds-live.com      www.lionsclubagrigentohost.it/MezzaMaratona_AG.htm       www.gsvalledeitempli.it


 Registration fees:

 - Half Marathon 21,097 kms : €. 20,00

Per gli atleti che si iscrivono entro lunedì 04 febbraio la quota d'iscrione è di  €. 15,00

 Method of payment:

 By Cash: the payment will be settled directly at our office: Comitato Organizzatore, Via Minerva 21/a 92100 Agrigento;

 By Postal Order to:   G.S. Valle dei Templi Agrigento conto corrente postale n°1274347

Bonifico Poste IT Intestato: G.S. Valle dei Templi Agrigento Cod. IBAN: IT07M0760116600000001274347

Bonifico Banca Unicredit Intestato: G.S. Valle dei Templi Agrigento Cod. IBAN: IT30Z0200816605000103044213

Tramite il sito http://www.eternow.it/iol/index.jsp?idms=583 (carta di credito o bonifico)











 Services included in the  registration fees:

Medical Assistance

Circuit closure to traffic and vehicles

Bib number

Sponge and refereshment stations

Refreshment station at the arrival

A microchip based timing-system service (only for the Half Marathon - Stracittadina)

Race Packet


Athletes meeting will be  at  8:00 am on March 3 at  Viale Falcone Borsellino San Leone (AG)

Award Ceremony:

The prizes will be awarded only on race day during the award ceremony

 Half Marathon Race: Trophies will be awarded to the first first, second and third  places for each category

  “15°Trofeo Regionale Lions”   will be awarded to the  first, second and third  places  for the men’s and women’s categories

 At the arrival you must return the Microchip


Complaints must be presented  to race judges no later than 30 minutes following the race’s conclusion, along with € 25,00 (non-refundable, unless accepted).

The Organisation Panel declines  any responsibilty for any injuries whatsoever to the competitors or third party injuries before, during and after the race.

 Medical assistances will be  provided  for those athletes withdrawals

Sponge and refereshment services will provided along the racecourse

The Promotors reserve the right to modify, at any time, the present regulations,  for reasons they think fit to improve the race.

Although not explicitly mentioned in the hereby regulations, the rules of FIDAL will be applied in all circumstances. 


The organisation panel


 For enquiries and hotel reservations please contact:


Tel +39 0922-596500



How to reach Agrigento:

From Palermo:

Leave Palermo,

Take the E90 / Viale Regione Siciliana Sud Est

Continue along the A19 / E90

Take the exit towards the SS 189 AGRIGENTO / VILLABATE

Continue along the  SS121

Straight on pastVillabate

Take the  SS189

Straight on past Lercara Friddi

Continue along the SS118 / Via Palermo

Continue straight on

Arrival in Agrigento  

From Trapani: 


Continue along: A29

Take the exit towards Castelvetrano

Head towards (follow signs for ): Agrigento Sciacca, Menfi, Castelvetrano

Close to Castelvetrano, turn left: SS115

Straight on  past Sciacca

Continue straight on

Arrival in Agrigento  

 From Messina 

Leave Messina

Take A20  head towards Catania

Take the exit towards Catania

Take A18 / E45

Passing close to Taormina

Passing close to Acireale

Take the exit towards: TANGENZIALE, A19 PALERMO

Close to Catania, takeRA15 / E45

Follow signs for Palermo

Continue along  the A19

Head towards Caltanissetta

Follow signs for  Caltanissetta

Take SS640

Go straight on at  Caltanissetta

Straight road to Agrigento/Valle dei templi  

From Catania City center or Airport “Fontanarossa”

Leave Catania

Take the A19 direction Palermo

Follow signs for  Caltanissetta

Take the exit marked Caltanissetta

Follow the SS640

Pass by Caltanissetta

Continue straight on  to Agrigento/Valle dei templi

From Palermo Airport “Punta Raisi”

Leave the Airport

Take  A29 towards  Trapani

Take the exit towards Castelvetrano

Follow signposts for : Agrigento Sciacca, Menfi, Castelvetrano

Close to Castelvetrano, turn left: SS115

Go straight past Sciacca

Continue straight on

Arrival in Agrigento

Public Transport:

 From Catania Airoport

Bus Company: SAIS TRASPORTI S.p.A. 95131 Catania (CT) - Via D'amico, 185 Phone 095.536201

for more details please visit the website http://www.saistrasporti.it/set_orari.htm search for  linea



From Palermo City Centre

Take the train from Palermo train station to Agrigento or, just a short walk  from the train station,  there is the bus stop where you can take the bus to Agrigento. The name of the bus company is Cuffaro.


For more details:

Autolinee Cuffaro via Balsamo, 13 Tel. 091-6161510 

Autolinee Camilleri:   http://www.cupa.it/htm/trasporti/pullman.htm

Ditta SAL: buses for the airport "Falcone-Borsellino" Palermo ad Agrigento


From Palermo Airport:

From Palermo Airport to Agrigento departure time:   h12:45;  h19:30  (it takes 2h15m)

From Agrigento to  Palermo Airoport "Falcone-Borsellino" departure time  h06:50, h14:50

(it takes 2h15m)

Time schedules may change

For more details : Omnia Bus Biglietteria Di Autolinee Di Battaglia Salvatore 92100 Agrigento (AG) - Via Ragazzi Del 99, 1 tel. 0922-596490


Il Comitato Organizzatore